Our goal is to provide business and personal financial strength. Our servant leadership model inspires us to assist clients in the following areas.

  1. Tax Planning: compliance with tax laws is one thing. Proper planning, in many cases, prevents poor results when filing taxes. We enjoy working one on one with you to ensure that strategies are considered and calculations are prepared to minimize, and often-times eliminate, “tax deadline surprises”.
  2. Tax Consulting: using techniques like tax deferred retirement benefits, cost-segregation studies, acceleration or postponement of income or expenses, and harvesting capital gains and losses are examples of some proven ways to save tax dollars. Consulting with us throughout the year allows you and your business to take a more pro-active approach to paying (and saving) taxes. We have experience assisting clients with payroll, sales and use, estate and gift, and income tax consulting.
  3. Tax Compliance: albeit necessary, this is, in our experience, everyone’s least favorite requirement of the client and the preparer. We make every effort to assist you in filing your tax returns as trouble-free as possible. Due to recent changes in the reporting of various investment income transactions, along with typical business income reporting requirements, situations arise that require an extension of time to file certain tax returns. When extensions are necessary, we take a proactive approach to making sure all tax payments are timely submitted with the extensions (whenever possible). There are occasional unforeseen circumstances that result in late payment, but the goal of every CPA should be to minimize the late payment of taxes whenever possible. If you are one of the “fortunate ones” that do not need to extend your tax returns, we make it our goal to ensure filing by the deadline meets your expectations.
  4. Estate & Succession Planning: planning for the transition of your business and planning for the transfer of your wealth (that you worked so hard to acquire) are two very difficult topics for people to consider. However, the magnitude of the issues created for your loved ones, if neglected or completely ignored, is oftentimes extremely overwhelming for those left behind. Taking the time to express and document your desires and goals to your loved ones and successors is one of the greatest gifts anyone can leave, along with your legacy. We can assist in calculating the expected impact on your estate using various forms of planning. Asset protection, lifetime gifting, general estate planning, and dynasty trust planning using nationally renowned advisors and attorneys, is available to you as a client of our firm. We invite you to take advantage of our professional relationships by scheduling time to discuss this most important issue with us.
  5. Bookkeeping: we offer training, periodic consulting (monthly, quarterly, and annually) as well as full service transactional bookkeeping by members of our staff certified as Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisors®. Using our full service model is the best way to ensure that your accounting stays current and financial reporting is available to you to make timely, informed, business decisions.
  6. IRS/State Tax Representation: there are inevitable situations where taxpayers need IRS or state tax jurisdiction representation. Whether you receive the dreaded IRS/State notice for deficiencies in tax or you were chosen for audit, we can assist you with those issues. Often, a letter responding to the IRS/State notice resolves the issue. Occasionally, it is necessary for us to obtain a Power of Attorney and communicate with the IRS/State on your behalf. There are still other times when a face-to-face meeting with the IRS/State is required (e.g. audit of income tax). Please contact us to assist you with your unresolved tax notices and audits.
  7. Business Planning: as much as we enjoy providing tax and related services, we are also very excited and willing to help with budget planning, cost accounting, and various other economic business decisions. Our team are willing to assist in any way we can to increase the value and profitability of your business. Please let us know what we can do to help you improve your efficiency and productivity.