Our firm focuses on engagements with businesses interested in relinquishing all basic accounting functions including monthly accounting/bookkeeping, payroll (if needed), tax planning/consulting, business consulting, and tax compliance (filing tax returns). Using our firm as your “accounting department” allows us to create financial statements for your use (only) on a periodic basis. It also allows us to efficiently process monthly payrolls, file quarterly payroll reports, and maintain useful contact throughout the year for planning/consulting and ultimately income tax compliance (tax returns).

We believe the tax returns are simply one piece of the services we provide to you. We highly value regular communication between client and firm. Receiving useful reports on a regular basis allows you to make timely business decisions throughout the year. We certainly feel it is at least as important as preparing and filing tax returns.

Our experience has revealed that, when clients prepare their own bookkeeping and payroll, efficiencies are lost in the tax planning, consulting, and compliance phases of our services.

If you would like referrals or testimonials for clients that are on our full service platform, please contact us.